Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New project... Simplicity 3893

I started cutting out a new pattern this evening.  Cutting out patterns is my absolute least favorite part of sewing.  I would happily iron all the live long day, if it would get me out of pattern cutting.  So many silly, yet costly,  mistakes can be have been made at this point in my sewing process. 

This Easter season, as I made dresses for my girls, there was the infamous butterfly incident.  Said incident involved the almost total ruination of four yards of fabric.  Anyone only I could have botched so much innocent fabric with a total newbie-style error.  Let's just say that I couldn't let my youngest child out of the house in a dress that made it appear as if she were being attacked by rabid butterflies.  Directionality of fabric has never really been kind to me.

My oldest spent her first birthday (which happens to be Halloween) in a badly done lamb costume.  It was badly done for two reasons: 1. My local fabric store didn't carry the proper kind of curly fur to make a lamb costume (so I used a straight white fur), and 2. In my never-ending mission to save fabric, I cut the wrong corner (so to speak) and caused the fur's nap to run up one side of my daughter's body and down the other side.  So the whole time she wore this costume I was bothered by the mis-matched nap, and, thanks to the wrong type of fur, at least 50% of candygivers guessed that she was a bunny.  Do bunnies wear bells around their necks?  *sigh*

So cutting out patterns is a chore to me.  There is no excitement about the project at hand, only the dread that I will muck this up somehow.  And this project is no different.  I also lay some of this blame on the big 4 pattern makers.  If they used real sizes and measurements, it would really eliminate a lot of the trepidation.  Instead you are left measuring your body parts and wondering where in the world they find people with those proportions.  This is a big part of why I mostly sew for my girls.  Kids' clothing is more forgiving in general.

Someday I will learn how to draft patterns...  but until then, I have Simplicity 3893.  Luck be a lady!

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