Sunday, June 13, 2010

Purple + Tinkerbelle = McCall's 6022 view A

Ah, summer!  My girly girl loves to wear dresses and skirts.  She found the Tinkerbelle fabric at JoAnn's in the red tag section.  I found the purple fabric in the remnant bin on another visit.  You can't quite tell from these pictures, but the purple fabric has a glitter finish.  It's low-key as far as glitter goes.  And thanks to the sales at JoAnn's this dress cost about $5 (including the pattern).

As for the pattern, I feel confident that I will use it again.  It was quick to put together, and the directions made sense.  The tweaks I utilized include the bow.  The pattern calls for the bow to be made of the main fabric.  I thought this would be too busy, so I used some ribbon from my stash.  I also assembled the contrast fabric differently.  The directions call for you to sew the front and lining together, the back and lining together, and then join them at the shoulders.  I'm not a fan of this technique.  Instead I sewed front to back at the shoulders, then stitched the neck opening.  I next top-stitched the neck, then pressed the arm openings and top-stitched them together.  Easy peasy.  I may well have to alter my method if I include sleeves in any future versions.

The most important thing?  Sister Goldenhair loves it!  Look at those eyes...  She is definitely working her Tinkerbelle mischief.

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